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The world is your runway

Designer Pooja Shroff will also be displaying her collection — Resist Aur Dye , which is inspired by a line of handmade Indonesian batiks that she acquired during her travels to Jakarta. The designer will showcase her new collection The High Noon Affair , which derives inspiration from the blooming tree of peony flowers, capturing its abstract beauty and varied textures.

It is inspired by flowers and butterfly. Fifteen FDCI designers participated in the event, each of them working with the craft and textiles of a particular South Asia region. Wednesday, 09 October Home Vivacity. The world is your runway Tuesday, 12 March Team Viva. By Team Viva The sari is a metaphor of history, its seamless and unstitched character makes it moldable for every body type. Trending News. Want to bring back US forces engaged in endless wars: Trump. North Korea warns against Security Council meeting on missile tests. US President calls impeachment inquiry against him a scam. US blacklists 28 Chinese entities over abuses in Xinjiang.

US prefers a 'big deal' with China: Trump. Make your queen a little more blush with these amazing pillow covers. Have a snuggly affair Evening. PipaBella has a lot of amazing gift options and combinations you can buy for her. Go Grab NOW. IN is the best go-to online store if you need something to glam up your evening. This duo of cleansing and hydrating bottles for him is what he all wants from you as a gift under budget.

Men are equally concerned about their skin as women are. Hope, we were of a little help to you. Happy Love month you guys! The makeover expert Aashmeen Munjaal of Star Salon brings up an amazing and intriguing topic for us today. She guides us on Makeup and makeover shades for all the Zodiac signs and how to glam up your love month. Each person has individual personality traits but most similar sun sign people fall under one category.

In order to enhance your appearance, you must choose your colours and style accordingly. If you consider makeup with some important features to look more magnificent and charming follow your zodiac sign. Aries is the Fire element in the list of the 12 zodiac signs.


They are said to be born as natural leaders who take the first initiative to do something usually. They are claimed to be dynamic as well as charismatic. As they are the fiery zodiac sign, Red would suit an Aries the best!

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Similarly, with the nail varnishes, the shades of rich plum and sizzling reds suit them a lot. Aries is denoted by the symbol ram and hence are considered having quite a strong and forceful personality.

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Another option is pastel shades, bright and natural colour lipstick. This choice of makeup demonstrates confidence, calmness and knowledge of the situation. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. Taurus is a bunch of fun loving people who love everything in excess be it in terms, materialistically, emotions, fun and beauty products too.

They are crazy and likes expensive things! Taurus people belong to a group of people who are of a practical nature. As the bulls have an earthy nature, Taurus people should opt more for neutral colours when choosing their makeup taurians do not like to look vulgar, avoid bright colours and try to achieve a natural look, smoky shades, grey, silver, white, champagne and berry would suit her strong zodiac the most Taurus people are spectacular and gain all their objectives once they set their heart into accomplishing them!

Taurus people are earthy and artistic.

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This is one of the most sensual and dualistic signs of the zodiac. Geminis are extremely well known for their dual nature, is considered a dual nature person they mostly blend light and dark colours and include the resulted colour palette in their daily life. Gemini is always very difficult to make a choice when it comes to cosmetics. They are known well for their ability to gather news and various other information from various sources. They should also go for peach, pale pink which would enhance their spunky nature more. Love matt textures and contrasting combinations suits them for makeup.

Like a crab their symbol they withdraw into their shell when coming face to face with any awkwardness. But this should not be mistaken with cowardice, as the Cancers are extremely honest and true, the hues that would suit them the best are natural shades as well as the nude hues. Opting for shades like pink is a good idea if you pick shades like soft rose or another muted tone.

As they are straight forward and honest zodiac sign. They are honest about who they love or mistrust.

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Another royal fire sign is here, coming as the sign of Leo. Leo is powerful, gorgeous, and courageous. Being Bold in nature, Leos should go for shades like orange, pink and Red is the best friends of their looks. Leos are the people to prefer to be the center of attention and attraction at every event irrespective of wherever they are! They are the Belle of the ball, too loud and boisterous in a positive way no doubts there being a zodiac with their symbol as Lion. They crave for attraction more optimism and shine to their looks. Using those shades for the eyes as eyeliners are a great thing you may opt for.

What are they: Virgos fall under the earth element and are usually associated with traits such as judgmental, extremely choosy as well as critical in nature, As the Virgos have quite a quaint nature, The hues that would complement them the most are metallic bronze shades.

Universal shades like peach and pale pink are some of the most suitable options for them.

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Thus, eyes, cheeks, and lips are the primary targets of accents. Other soothing shades include royal blue, which also coincides with their naturally tranquil and pure nature. Thus using this shade for liners is the best thing you can do with it. Opting for a mascara of this shade is also a do. The influence of being an Earth sign is also noticeable here they are fun to be with even after being so choosy and selective. The next bright representative of the Air signs is Libra, always characterized by the uniqueness and the creatively shaped balance and harmony.

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Being balanced, they should go for a merlot colour. Also, using some descriptive accessories or specific elements is a do, and for maximum cool results, your pick may be a cool, and exquisite purse or any other type of an accessory. Matching a light blue eye shadow with some white accents or silver tones is a great way to accentuate the eyes effectively. Libra is a zodiac sign that detests being left alone, i. Everything about them involves partnership, be it marriage, business or even dancing! Eye-catching, sensual, enigmatic, and beautiful are all keywords describing the nature of Scorpio.

white lotus tarot libra october 2019 White lotus tarot libra october 2019
white lotus tarot libra october 2019 White lotus tarot libra october 2019
white lotus tarot libra october 2019 White lotus tarot libra october 2019
white lotus tarot libra october 2019 White lotus tarot libra october 2019
white lotus tarot libra october 2019 White lotus tarot libra october 2019
white lotus tarot libra october 2019 White lotus tarot libra october 2019
white lotus tarot libra october 2019 White lotus tarot libra october 2019

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