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I am definitely not a perfectionist. I only am, when I am actually interested in what I am doing. One thing that i can confess to that makes me a perfectionist in a way, would be that everytime i purchace something, i always caluclate the total including tax. Everything else seems pretty accurate. Donnie - Mar AM. Many Virgos are "disorganized" and messy.. MMwisdom - 6-Mar PM.

Hey Virgos, imagine being a triple yes 3 Virgo. Oh God, need I say more? Bluebutterfly - Feb PM. I find this is wrong at times since I'm not a perfectionist, I have a messy room and am easy going. Is that a duck? We're supposed to have good grammar too Lol Neurotic - Jan AM. I think being a Virgo may be a burden sometimes, I tend to over think things and I have stressed myself to breaking point over things that haven't even happened, "what ifs" in turn I have not only brought myself down but also the spirit of someone very close to me and that has had a major impact on my life, for a sign that's so down to earth it feels very easy to get lost in my thoughts and my emotions dazza - Jan PM.

Wow, so perfect, get it!

Montréal is enchantingly moody as autumn turns to winter

Born a Virgo has taken me to where dreams are made! I'm engaged to a Virgo and we met online! She's an amazing woman and she says I'm an amaZing man! She's not educated as I am but she's willing to let me teach her! Our love is so tight, that I flew 9, miles to be with her! She has children and was amazed how quick they flocked to me! She and I are unseparable, and waste no time doing the wild thing! We now have the perfect plan! Marriage, adopting her children, four of them, and having a child of my own with her! This is happiness! Doug - Oct AM.

Personality Traits of a Virgo

Virgos are sneaky and want who they want. They will pretend to be a friend and talk about you bad. They will easily sleep with any man they want Lew - Sep PM.

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This is a very precise description of who I am. Loyal romantic perfectionistic self critic creative singer musician seamstress animal loving nature loving nervous wreck gotta always have the pedicure can't leave the house without being totally put together and why can't people be on time virgo!!!!!! Deedee - Aug AM. Like damn!

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TseCho - Feb AM. Shon - 7-Oct AM. Enter word:. Basics of Astrology Zodiac Signs Love and the Zodiac Types of Astrology Famous Astrologers Astrology in Pop Culture Astrology Systems Site Information Ash Re: Astrology for Babies I had ectopic pregnancy just wanted to know whether I'll conceive again or no n will I have a normal pregnancy 6 October I want my old zodiac sing!

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  8. I was virgo but right now I'm leo and wha the hell I am not self-loving!! Please change it back I want my old… 6 October Though sometimes you come across as picky, you are in fact a sign that constantly thinks about how to perfect things and are a natural-born helper. In many ways, you live to fix, and by that count, Virgo, we reckon you need a little healing time for yourself on a spa retreat.

    Alternative getaway: If your soul is calling for a little more than just spa treatments, head for serene Santa Fe , New Mexico, where upscale restaurants, plush-but-unique hotels and crystal-clear mountain air are sure to satiate your maiden sensibilities. The most balanced sign in the zodiac is Libra, whose name in Latin and constellation are weighing scales. With such a need for symmetry in your life, we think you should head to the very centre of the world: Istanbul , a city that straddles two continents.

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    Alternative getaway: Peacemaker Libras will also appreciate Prague , where one of the most famously non-violent transfers of power ever took place — the Velvet Revolution. Brave, deep, dark and enigmatic, scorpions are drawn to the mysterious and like to push boundaries. Your ruling planet is Pluto — arguably not a planet at all, far away, difficult to see and composed largely of ice and rock — but if you manage to get up close, also beautiful, just like you, Scorpio.

    And like you, Johannesburg is a city with a rich personality and scars that only make it stronger. Alternative getaway: Explore your love of the dark of night and your curiosity about the occult in simmering New Orleans.

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    There are plenty of voodoo rituals to witness, shadowy corners to lurk in your favourite pose and bright bars to bask in if you decide to show that elusive and addictive Scorpio magnetism. One word for you Sagittarius: expansiveness. Sagittarius is symbolised by the archer constellation and you are known wanderers — the natural travellers of the zodiac.

    As truth-seekers, you are prone to fly off to find yourself when any mood at all strikes. With a whole continent at your disposal and plenty of passionate culture to fuel your fire-sign personality, you just might find the fountain of youth you always seem to be searching for. Staying in a traditional ger and living the nomadic lifestyle is about as restlessly Sagittarian a travel goal as we can imagine.

    As the most ambitious, driven and hard-working sign in the zodiac, Capricorns deserve a holiday more than any other. You desire to go somewhere important, to learn all of the things you can about the world and to remain efficient in the going. But when work clocks off here, there are all-night markets to eat your way through, temples to lose yourself in and beaches to linger on.

    Taking a pilgrimage, such as walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain , will give you that sense of accomplishment, and may also encourage you to explore your spirituality and follow your heart — something you can always use a little more of in your life. You root for underdogs and you value freedom, counterculture and, frankly, a little bit of the weird in life. You also love getting off the beaten track read: non-conformist , so you could also head to Kyrgyzstan , where you can lose yourself in the remote Tian Shan mountains and avail of the strong network of community-based tourism organisations to arrange homestays and excursions like walnut-picking and horse riding, ensuring your money is flowing into the local economy for the greater good.

    Dreamy Pisces, you rarely come down to earth and may not even be from this planet, but you are the healer and the lover of the zodiac.


    Virgos are cautious in friendship and love, preferring to see how it goes, whether it's a practical fit. Under the cool facade, Virgo is a thoughtful friend, who shows up when it counts.

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    A mutually beneficial arrangement could bring you closer over time, as consideration is demonstrated day-to-day. They appreciate friends who are a seamless part of their lives. Often, they're close to co-workers, since the workday rhythm and doing a good job is important to the Virgo. It's a misnomer that Virgins are unresponsive to affection. They just like to feel safe, and it takes a while for their nervous system to unwind. When they trust you and can let their hair down, their sensuality is unveiled. They can be precise cooks in the kitchen and have skillful hands when it comes to massage.

    Animals, especially their own, are icebreakers, and something in common to build on. If you're a Virgo, you shine when taking care of who and what you love, in the daily flow of life. Your gift is consistency—you are a patient, steady friend in times of chaos.

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