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Therefore, the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction hits nearest Crimea's natal Neptune orb --perhaps not close enough to affect its 3rd house Neptune unduly yet the midpoint picture formed by the transit-to-natal trio is not comforting for it suggests such things as: "instability, fraud, lies, immorality, shattered nerves, and danger" via the Neptunian realms of "water, poison, or gas" Ebertin.

Noel Tyl adds: "being doubted; not being seen for who one is; unstable life situation because of the inexplicable, because of fear" Solar Arcs. Interesting since Crimea has been often described as suffering from an identity crisis. However, on a positive level, Scheat can bestow artistic and literary talents although Crimea's misfortune to be annexed by Russia in reveals the more negative expressions of the star as the people suffer human rights abuses and false accusations are leveled at innocent targets in order to stifle dissent against Russia and Putin.

As we see, Scheat 's potentials for imprisonment and sublime malevolence afflict the land and the Crimean people and are made worse by the star's conjunction with fiery Mars. Meanwhile, the international community haggles over whether Crimea belongs with Ukraine or Russia. To me the answer seems obvious! Now from , here is a brief time-lapse video New bridge cements Russia's hold on Crimea , and although I don't care to admit it, the bridge linking Crimea to Russia is quite an impressive feat of engineering.

The contentious, combative, hot-headed Mars rising of Donald Trump began a new 2-year cycle of activity for him recently when transit Mars returned to natal position 26Leo46 in Trump's birth horoscope June 14, am est Queens, NY on August 12, Curiously, August 12, is the very day the whistle blower complaint was submitted through the proper legal channels and an official impeachment inquiry was subsequently activated in the House of Representatives.

As you know, Martian Trump, a master of resentment and revenge, depends on having enemies.

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And in similar fashion to America's habit, Big T will make them when and if there are none. And as we've seen, a cornered Trump is a dangerous Trump.

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Plus, it's been reported that in March of this year, Trump proposed the craven idea of shooting migrants in the legs to slow them down when crossing the border, a tragically fitting expression of his Mars rising in its malevolent role with Mars the ruler of guns , snipers, knives and other weapons.

This must be one of those 'be careful what you wish for' for other people because in one form or another, the natural law of karma reaping what's been sown will eventually boomerang it back on you. So if you're curious, here's a previous post concerning the Mars Return of Donald Trump. As it now stands, the Electors will vote for a new president and vice president or will re-elect the incumbents on December 14, And as synchronicity would have it, a Total Solar Eclipse perfects 23Sag08 on that very day at am est so the horoscope below is set for that date, hour, and the Capitol Building Washington DC in lieu of an accurate time and location for the Electoral College vote; please enlarge the image if you wish to read my scribbled notes :.

As you see from the title on the above image, this chart shows the Prenatal Eclipse 'PE' of Inauguration which falls within the 4 South Saros Series; however, it is not the PE of Election that would be the 4 North in June Personally I tend to call such performances 'politics'. And as you know, a Moon-SN conjunction suggests a person with bad timing who has trouble doing things in the right way, and who tends to alienate others.

It reveals a karmic condition due to the past mishandling of wealth, position, and popularity. Trump's opposing Sun-North-Node conjunction helps to uplift the depressive qualities of his 'estranged from mama' Moon-SN but who really knows how often his nibs sobs when he's all alone. Actually, the planets form a BOWL shape with the 9th house Venus in Scorpio leading the tilt and denoting 'advocacy of a cause' or the 'furtherance of a mission' Jones.

If Venus leading the other planets could signify a lady candidate in Big Business Scorpio, perhaps Senator Elizabeth Warren is suggested. As for the Electoral College , I can't say how they'll be persuaded to vote but I can say that there's an awful lot of Trump planets linked to this horoscope, some of which are penned around the chart.

Plus, you see the 1st house Neptune 18Pis13 rising yet intercepted which is apex of two midpoint pictures penned on the chart and highlighted in green. Now interceptions are somewhat controversial and some astrologers don't use them at all using a different house system sometimes removes them all together. Neptune also represents propaganda, the masses and mass media as well and a 1st house Neptune supports the eclipse theme of ' caught up in events beyond personal control ' as noted, above. Of course, water, gas, oil, or other liquids or toxins may be involved with large events ex s: storms or floods.

Politically speaking even a very large Blue Wave may be represented by an active Neptune which could hopefully make it more difficult for the Electoral College to vote against the popular candidate as they did in Of course, much depends on how well Republican cheating tactics work this time around and many things can happen between now September 30, and December 14, , even impeachment but I'm not counting my chickens on that score, partially because too many rats would have to scurry into the spotlight if the Trump yacht sank.

And when a solar eclipse is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius it's important for best results that energies be focused, not scattered, a search for truth is engaged upon, and motivations are aboveboard. These are often the very sorts of things that 'wild card' eclipses tend to uncover whenever society sorely needs a change of direction. Then as you see, ascending in the chart is Trump's natal Descendant 29AQ Partnerships and he's in the midst of a Nodal Return when new alliances tend to form and fortunate contacts may be made.

And yes, there are several other cosmic links to Trump's natal planets but I have no wish to spotlight all of them because it's making me feel fussy just looking at the chart. Yet mention must be made that the 4 South eclipse perfects quite near Trump's natal Moon-South-Node conjunction so that secrets from his past may be illuminated as eclipses will do tiresomely, I know, since there have been so many revelations already via leaks, reporting, investigations, lawsuits, or, as it turns out, whistleblowing.

And of course this is a South Node eclipse so energies tend to drain from conditions and events possibly suggesting the exhaustion we all feel after years of resisting Trump-style destruction and his Geminian duplicity and constant tweeting. Yet there's one thing we know for certain for those with ears to hear: that truth will always have its own ring! Looking ahead here are the Inauguration Midpoint Pictures. Glancing back to , the Electors voted on December 19th for con artist Donald Trump. Didn't they know he's a gangster? And here's a nostalgic post concerning the cosmic conditions on that December day in when we were all much younger and sooo naive.

Trump: Swamp Drainer or Swamp Filler? And as you know, Jupiter-Neptune suggests potentials for 'grand spirit' but also 'grand schemes, big dreams, corruption, speculation, fraud, and waste'--con man activity and his, with wounded-wounding Chiron between them showing that here is one of his blind spots in the house of Money, Possessions, Earning Ability, and Values. So here's a September 30, segment from the Thom Hartmann broadcast which also includes whistleblower considerations, what was left out of the 'transcript' Trump provided, and his obsession with the Bidens, Ukraine, and Crowdstrike :.

More on Jupiter-Neptune : the world remains under the auspices of the three-fer Jupiter-Neptune Conjunctions of Has the US Congress disintegrated right before our eyes, now broken beyond repair? The sabotage of the US government has been in force for decades and infiltrators are having their merry way. Politico 's When Impeachment Meets a Broken Congress lays out the case rather well especially if readers scroll down a few paragraphs.

And astrologers are likely to be familiar with recent and current planetary transits to the US Congress First Session Horoscope and those affecting Inauguration planets, plus, a long-term transit of Pluto square natal Neptune with potentials for: 'psychological issues that need professional attention, social upheaval, corrupt political institutions, feeling vulnerable, obsessions, compulsions, hallucinations, a need for spiritual regeneration'. And since Congress is intended to represent We The People, this heavy plutonian influence applies to the entire population. Karmic Saturn and Pluto are working together as they move closer and their energies peak 23Cap46 on January 12, conjunct Trump' natal Vertex of fated encounters--an encounter with dictatorship apparently although personally I'm hoping for downfall.

But whether Trump stays on top or not, the ongoing sabotage , mostly by Republicans, is in process of achieving its objective of collapsing America and 'drowning her in a bath tub' as Grover Norquist promised.

Chinese Calendar of January 1956

After all, everyone knows that no empire lasts forever--including the vengeful Vladimir Putin. And naturally, the saboteurs are banking on modern generations of Americans having little if any of the spunk and determination our forefathers possessed during the Revolutionary era so that fighting to rescue our Republic when time catches up with need will be a weak and wimpy affair, easily vanquished, our combatants soft and otherwise engaged with their phones and viral videos.

For as you know stealth has been one of our opponents' handiest aids as always with sabotage along with infiltration, lies, fraud, cheating, political 'spin', propaganda, wedge issues, and the entertainment industry.

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  5. That the US will no longer act as global leader seems evident to me and is one of the saboteurs' goals. Now, despite the massive amount of rigging it's taken to hide the fact that our nation has reached its pinnacle, we're nearly 11 years beyond that point and the karmic imperatives are coming in fast. Are our crumbling institutional structures too weak to withstand the sabotaging forces of the global crime syndicate?

    For that's what the Washington establishment fights when it battles against Donald Trump although some politicians may be 'fighting' and resisting while secretly supporting the fascist cause he leads or is the face of--an orange figurehead! When Jupiter and Saturn combine forces there are more checks and balances issues and significant changes in governmental, religious, and social orders with a judicial system at breaking point Munkasey --and this must include the lawmakers of Congress.

    So now I must regress because during all the years of writing Stars Over Washington since I have encouraged readers to contact Congress with ' call often call angry ' concerning their issues but now I strongly suspect that calls and emails to Congress offering our support and firm 'don't allow the institution to dissolve' messages would serve both the higher and lower purposes of We The People much better. Don't you? My point is, the fascists are at it again and have learned much from their previous mistakes and miscalculations.

    Astrology GIFs for the Week of January 26,

    Since the whistleblower complaint has publicly whistled Trump's name and the House run by Democrats has opened a formal impeachment inquiry this very week, perhaps the themes of the July 3 North eclipse should be reviewed for they now make more sense. Besides the obvious reference to transforming news ex : whistleblower complaint , plus, whatever overblown plans and spin the very worried Trump feels he must set in motion in order to muddy clear waters, I believe Speaker Pelosi has been keeping her impeachment powder dry until such time as Trump overplayed his autocratic hand and news arrived that transformed the situation into more votes for impeachment.

    Yet crazily, the House is scheduled to go on recess Friday September 27 until October 15th! Momentum will be lost--unless certain committees stay behind and continue working. Additionally, July also contained a Lunar Eclipse 24 Capricorn which 'eclipsed' Trump's natal 11th house Saturn in Cancer , planet of authority, accountability, realism, and government.

    Then coming in December , as noted, is the 3 South eclipse bringing vibes of 'traumatic transformation through news received'. Now Trump is a mighty slippery varmint, it's true, but I can't help but wonder what events the 3 South eclipse themes could possibly describe as melts into ! SCOTUS was established as the ultimate arbiter of the laws of the United States particularly those dealing with constitutionality and we find the institution of the Supreme Court ensconced and empowered within Article 3 of the US Constitution.

    Highlighted in green on both horoscopes are heavy-weights Saturn 'the judge' and Pluto 'the power behind the throne' possibly the Pope! Both timings are speculative is set for noon LMT and is set for am LMT; both are located in New York City as they should be based on historical events and a few asteroids and midpoints are sprinkled around the charts.

    I think it looks rather nice. That new moon in Libra turned out to be of importance to another woman of colour, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. A tour which had gone a considerable way to balancing out the negative press they had received for a whole string of actions earlier in the year that were deemed hypocritical.

    To stand back and do nothing would be contrary to everything we believe in. There can be few people who cannot understand the distress very public criticism causes an individual. And, accountability should be sought. However, however. And there is much to be said for following the old royal protocol: keep on keeping on, smiling and waving. At the time of their wedding I suggested they would have difficulty towing the royal line and instead carve out their own unique marital path. Add to this the composite Moon squaring a rising Saturn-Pluto conjunction and a Moon opposed to Pluto at the time of the wedding, and there is a boatload of controversy to come.

    The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction

    It is an interesting phenomenon that when we marry and become one with another, our individual identity changes. Maybe at the core we are still the person we have always been, but we have acquired another skin. Harry, once the charming, unspoilt darling of the people and the media has become a little pompous.

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    star of david january 26 2020 astrology Star of david january 26 2020 astrology
    star of david january 26 2020 astrology Star of david january 26 2020 astrology
    star of david january 26 2020 astrology Star of david january 26 2020 astrology
    star of david january 26 2020 astrology Star of david january 26 2020 astrology
    star of david january 26 2020 astrology Star of david january 26 2020 astrology

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